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Friday, May 8, 2009

Azim Premji

Associated Companies: Wipro

Azim Premji owns 84% of Wipro , India 's second-biggest InfoTech Company. Premji's initial days are very interesting. He was studying at Stanford when he had to rush back to India because of his father's ill health. As fate would have it Premji had to get into business leaving his Stanford stint uncompleted at that point in time - this was completed later on in his career. A modest man Azim Premji was once rumored to have change the location of his plant rather then bribe the local officer who was refusing to allot power connection to one of his proposed ventures. Last year he traded his eight-year-old Ford Escort for a new Toyota Corolla.

Under his leadership, a Rs.7 crore company in hydrogenated cooking fats has grown to over Rs 10,000 crores diversified, integrated Corporation in Services, Technology Products and Consumer Products with leadership positions in the businesses it is in.

A workaholic Premji starts work at 4.30 in the morning sending e-mails to his employees, contacts and partners. At 7, Premji walks his way to office where he works all day long. Frequently, Premji ends his day on a commercial flight -- there are no corporate jets -- to Mumbai, San Francisco , London -- anywhere that he thinks is important for his company.

A role model for young entrepreneurs across the world, Mr.Azim Premji has integrated the country's entrepreneurial tradition with professional management, based on sound values and uncompromising integrity.

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